Anna Dumon

~ Where roe deer come to drink in the summer, far away in a valley with a forgotten cottage, a semi-frozen spring has appeared, as if it were waiting for us. With printed pictures from Silvia's miraculous fairy tale originals; a winter is stirring its wand and has crawled under everyone's coat; yet Bara takes for a while, a hold and within her fair hands a colorful magic is appearing on fragile ice, on feathery duvets in an ethereal abstraction of winter nature.

Did I say ice? Rather, enchanted crystal dew drops, dreaming of a spring rumbling and to when the roe deer come to drink... ~

The starting point of this project* was a collection of three aquarelles called Ponds (Sensitive touch, Magic Ponds and Enchanting Fish) by artist Silvia Malankievičová; designer Bára Procházka and artist Anna Dumon, created installations in the nature loosely based on the collection and thus connected the collection of aquarelles focused on sensitivity with a story based in a real environment.

The installation of natural waxes, powders and smoke refers to soft mixing of aquarelle colours on soft paper, and stresses the fragility of compositions and structures.

This mixed media project was published in first printed issue of Soffa magazine.

Plant and mineral palette, waxes, smoke installation in a winter landscape (materials / environment).

Art direction, photography, landscape art, performing art (fields / tags)

A revisited photo collection*

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