Anna Dumon

~ Inspired by Wonder Tales from Many Lands (Katherine Pyle), Asgard Stories; Tales from Norse mythology (Mary H. Foster and Mabel H. Cummings) and Fairy Tales of the Slavs Peasants and Herdsmen (Alexander Chodsko and Emily J. Harding); working on A0 paper with the intention of preserving an organic, abstract related artwork while mixing original tones through using natural plant and mineral pigments - the imaginary background of our illustrated characters emerged… ~

An illustration project based on sourcing traditional legends and tales;  applying alternative teaching concepts, working with folklore themes and translating aesthetics throughout the works.

A full visual art experience adapting a fairy-tale motif; varying the possibilities to use imaginary space in response to the affect of technology overload and visual pollution on children.

Children are encouraged to choose characters and objects from pre-selected tales related to their cultural heritage; furthermore the project is focused on the understanding of a process of paint making out of pigments from edible plants and mineral sources.

Plant and mineral pigments (materials / environment)

Art lessons concept, visual art, photography (fields / tags)

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